Standards – Performance Art Workshops, November 2017 with Glasgow Sculpture Studios. Performance workshops re-interpreting famous performance artworks from history and devising, rehearsing, and performing new works. More information on booking can be found here.



Habits of the Coexistent Long-term partnership research with Platform, Easterhouse, and Edinburgh College investigating the gestures, mannerisms, ideologies and attitudes adopted through mutual coexistence. Writing as document of this process available here, here, and here.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder in collaboration with Cicely Farrer. June 2016, Hospitalfield, Arbroath. Co-programmer of the international summer school with contributions from Ash Reid, Wojciech Kosma, Samson Kambalu and Atzi Muramatsu, Dmitry Vilensky (Chto Delat), and the UK premiere of Lynn Hershmann Leeson's Tania Libre More information can be found here.

Introduction-to-Performance. October 2016 - February 2017, Edinburgh College. Performance Art elective devised in conversation with students of the HND Contemporary Art Practice course at Edinburgh College. Website as the document and score of the course was designed and coded by Ben Callaghan.

A Social Residency. September 2016, The Newbridge Project, Newcastle. Research with Practice Makes Practice, towards the performances involved in maintaining the 'art scene', and the labours we use to sustain infrastructure. Programme involves Rhubaba, Curatorial Studio, and Calum Bowden, designer and filmmaker.

Total Theatre Awards Assessor, August, 2016. One of 26 assessors shortlisting visual theatre, circus, dance and innovative work for a Total Theatre Award, at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2016.

The Rookery. April 2016, part of Glasgow International Festival. A research project on the tension between physical exertion in building studios together, and the emotional labour in maintaining the act of friendship as the studio holders produce and rehearse their annual pantomime.

Nieces, Nephews. 7pm, 5th February.

Performance Night at Celine, Glasgow around notions of reproduction in education.

Performed by Gordon Douglas and Georgia Horgan. Includes re-performances of videos by Alex Bag, a new performance conceived by Gordon Douglas, and a 1976 text by Caitlyn Outfit.

Six Things and 6-8 Lists, Oct 2015, The Burning Sand Vol IV, Good Press, The Poetry Club and SPRINT artists' book fair, Milan.

Performed and published texts borrowing from the languages of application, queer theory and inheritance.

Field Recording April 2016, The Glue Factory, Glasgow, Aug 2015, Wysing Arts Centre. A conversation with Tom Graham, during the production of his new album. Talking through what it meant to produce away from your aspirational scene, and ideas of fraternity in handing over.

The Garden is Our Wall, October 2014 - May 2015, Intermedia, CCA Glasgow.

Project inviting four practitioners to collaborate and develop series of events drawing from an early example of civic planning in Krakow, where the city attempted to engineer an international image of ‘garden city’ in order to defend itself from cultural criticism. Conversations interrogated the problematics of the image in shared responsibility. Events included:

1. nib: Complete Sea. Evening of Hannibal Lecter-themed spoken word programmed with James T Harding, poetry publisher and screenwriter. Presentation of fanfiction read by Heather Hardcastle; and new work by Le Kevin Costner Bar; Gavia Baker-Whitelaw; Bryony Robinson; and Andrew Black & Joanna Monks.

2. The Details. Three customised multi-functional trolleys combining various objects into transportable ecologies to be used by participants throughout the event. Collaboration with Stefanie Cheong, jewellery designer.

3. Commissions Are Made. A reminiscence and screening night interrogating the longevity of event through its relationship to moving image. Tess Vaughan, and I presented a showreel of footage we were collecting over the period of our conversation.

4. 800,000+ Neighbours. An open-door research workshop riffing on the spillages of soft-capitalist rec-rooms, the hidden labour of affective economies and the intangible territories of sovereign lawlessness. Collaboration with Jake Watts, educational researcher.

All by Myself, Nov 2014.

text-poster on creative co-operation and loss of autonomy. Published for So It Is, a group show for newly graduated art students organised by YAKA Collective taking place at various re-appropriated sites in the Laurieston area of Glasgow.

(if any), Jan 2014, South Block Studios

Collaborative exhibition with Stefanie Cheong focusing on the shared ground between jewellery design and public art. Joint production of tabletops, blackboards and a publication.

Every Drop a Memory, an Instruction, March 2013, Platform Easterhouse.

Live performance and live feed in the Swimming Pool and Auditorium, 12 individuals were allowed into the pool space to watch 3 performers (RBY), construct and deconstruct structures out of floats. All other audience members were taken down to auditorium space to watch live feed and hear accompanying text.

When two become one, who wins who won, or Sometimes things are so transparency they don’t need evidential proof (Apparently he is going to Kill Aurelia), Guimaraes Noc Noc Festival, Oct 2013.

A performance and conversation with Phoebe Amis. 26 shields (a-z) depicting a perceived Guimaraes cultural language were accompanied by synced plate smashing and foam shield tossing.

This is Z, Feb 2012 - Dec 2013.

Video documentation of performance at House for An Art Lover.